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How can people get to vaccination sites?

Most people will book their appointments for either vaccination centres and local vaccinations services via an online booking link, and will make their own way to the site. To ensure that those in vulnerable groups or who are geographically or socially isolated can access community vaccination services as soon as possible, the vaccination programme has made provision for a limited supply of transport to those who meet eligibility criteria. This will be provided by volunteer drivers and taxis.

I have an older or vulnerable patient – how do they get access to transport?

Where patients are invited to attend for a vaccination but are unable to make their own way or secure transport independently, some transport may be made available. These patients should use the local vaccination appointment booking service by calling the number on their invitation. The local booking service will screen patients for transport needs, and where appropriate will refer to the transport hub. The transport hub is managed by Bassetlaw Action Centre – a voluntary sector transport organiser commissioned by Notts Healthcare as part of the vaccination programme. Patients meeting transport criteria will be referred to the transport hub who will arrange transport.

This patient has equipment needs or requires an escort – is transport still available for them?

Within the transport provision identified there are specialist providers which can accommodate transport and provide passenger assistants where these are essential. This will be discussed with the patient. If the patient’s journey is too complex, they will be referred to the roving service to have their vaccination undertaken at a home visit.

Is there a charge?

Where a patient meets the eligibility criteria there is no charge to the patient.

What type of transport is available?

The transport will mainly be provided by volunteer drivers, all of whom will have the necessary checks for safety and assurance. Where a volunteer driver is not available and the journey is necessary a taxi may be used. All taxis will be identified from an approved list of contractors held by the two local authorities.