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We are committed to being an open and transparent organisation. We are happy to share our policies so you can see how we work and hold us to account accordingly.

NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG prescribing rebate policy

NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG considers offers of rebates on primary care prescribing costs in line with the CCG’s prescribing rebate policy.
A copy of the policy can be accessed here

The CCG is currently signed up to rebates on the following products:
Apidra, Sanofi
Alzest transdermal patches, Dr Reddy’s
Apidra, Sanofi
Aymes, Aymes
Biquelee, Aspire Pharma
Bupease Transdermal Patches, Dr Reddy’s
Clenil, Chiesi
Clexane, Sanofi
Convatec, Convatec
Edoxoban, Daiichi Sankyo
Glucomen Aureo, Glucomen
Insuman Sanofi
Lantus, Sanofi
Methadone (Physeptone),Ethylpharma
Oxycodone, QDEM
Panitaz transdermal patches, Dr Reddy’s
Physeptone, Ethylpharma
Pipexus, Ethypharm
Quetiapine (Biquelee), Aspire Pharma
Seretide, GSK
Valios orodispersible tablets sugar free, Dr Reddy’s
Zaluron, Fontus